Friday, July 01, 2016

IT AIN'T ABOUT GUNS: Democrats Super-Excited About Killing Off Your Due Process Rights

By Richard Larsen

The latest efforts to enact gun-control by Democrats in congress are either strictly symbolic, since they would not have stopped the San Bernadino or the Orlando Islamic extremists, or a Trojan horse to abolish the 2nd Amendment. Their proposal is to deny 2nd Amendment rights to anyone on the Transportation Safety Administration’s (TSA) “no-fly list.”

The murderers in San Bernadino and Orlando were not on the no-fly list, so even if such a law were in place, those acts of domestic terrorism would not have been prevented. So from that standpoint, such legislation would be mostly symbolic, and solve little to nothing.

It is much more likely, however, that the legislation is a Trojan horse to literally abolish 2nd Amendment rights of all, or more likely, select citizens.

BOOM: Hillary Clinton to Meet With FBI Investigators Tomorrow

Possibly triggered by the highly controversial, clandestine meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, the FBI has announced that it has finally scheduled an interview with Hillary Clinton regarding her ever-expanding email scandal. Chuck Ross reports at The Daily Caller:

Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to meet Saturday with the FBI, a source close to the investigation into her private email server tells The Daily Caller.

The source went on to suggest the interview may take place at her Washington, D.C. home...

...Hundreds of now-classified documents — some of them “Top Secret” — were sent and received through Clinton’s private server, which she housed at her New York residence during her tenure at the State Department.

...FBI investigators have already interviewed several Clinton aides, including her former chief of staff Cheryl Mills and her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin. Investigators have also interviewed Bryan Pagliano, the former State Department information technology specialist who maintained Clinton’s server. The Justice Department gave Pagliano limited immunity in exchange for his cooperation in the probe.

According to Ross, prior interviews during the investigation have been conducted by FBI agents, attorneys with the DOJ's National Security Division, and prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney's office in Alexandria, Virginia.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.

WE DEMAND A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR: Secret Clinton-Lynch Meeting Highlights Democrat Corruption

By America Rising

Hillary Clinton is currently under a criminal investigation by the FBI. The FBI reports to the Department of Justice run by Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Knowing these facts, you’d expect that Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton would avoid meeting secretly aboard private jets. Yet that’s exactly what happened in Phoenix this week:

“Amid an ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of email and hours before the public release of the Benghazi report, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately with former President Bill Clinton. The private meeting took place on the west side of Sky Harbor International Airport on board a parked private plane… Sources tell ABC15, Clinton was notified Lynch would be arriving at the airport soon and waited for her arrival.”

The meeting lasted “around 30 minutes,” yet Lynch expects the American people to believe that Hillary Clinton’s criminal investigation never came up. Since the story broke of Lynch and Bill Clinton’s clandestine meeting, the reaction has been swift, harsh, and bi-partisanly negative.

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Image: Apple Patents Technology to remotely disable your iPhone Camera at Concerts
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QOTD: "Democratic senators are now trying to weaken Second, Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights in their push for new gun laws. They also controversially voted in 2014 to weaken the First Amendment, specifically to let both Congress and state legislators regulate political speech. Yet even they have not yet dared to launch an attack on the freedom of the press.

But their fellow partisans on the Federal Election Commission do not scruple to take such a step. They are completely out of control; they voted, it was revealed Wednesday, to regulate the press and the editorial judgment of its members." --Washington Examiner

Thursday, June 30, 2016

HUMA ABEDIN: Say, it looks like the State Department totally ignores FOIA requests from the peons

Earlier this week, Clinton "body woman" Huma Abedin was deposed by Judicial Watch.

Her testimony was reminiscent of other Clinton aides and cronies, who have either pled the Fifth or simply stated that they have no recollection of any criminal or improper behavior on the part of the Clintons.

With that said, Abedin's testimony -- probably inadvertently -- revealed major issues with the State Department's responses to Freedom of Information Act requests.

Put simply, it looks like they simply ignored them.

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Image: The Clinton Foundation is a 'conspiracy' that Hillary and Bill use as a 'piggy bank'
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "...the author of “Clinton Cash,” Peter Schweizer said there needs to be a federal investigation into the Russian uranium deal then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved after the Clinton Foundation receiving $145 million from the shareholders of Uranium One...

...“Look there are couple of things that are extremely troubling about the deal we touched on. number one is the amount of money $145 million. We are not talking about a super PAC giving a million dollars to support a candidate. We are not talking about campaign donations. We are talking about $145 million which by the way is 75 percent or more of the annual budget of the Clinton Foundation itself so it’s a huge sum of money. Second of all we are talking about a fundamental issue of national security which is uranium — it’s not like oil and gas that you can find all sorts of places. They are precious few places you can mine for uranium, in the United States is one of those areas. And number three we are talking about the Russian government. A lot of people don’t realize it now, in parts of the Midwest American soil is owned by Vladimir Putin’s government because this deal went through. And in addition to the $145 million Bill Clinton got half a million dollars, $500,000 for a 20-minute speech from a Russian investment bank tied to the Kremlin, two months before the State Department signed off on this deal. It just stinks to high heaven and I think it requires a major investigation by the federal government.”" --Pam Key

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

OH, MY: MSNBC Rips Apart Hillary Clinton’s Response To The Benghazi Terror Attacks

By America Rising

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Jon Meacham all expressed their outrage over Hillary Clinton’s handling of the Benghazi terrorist attacks. This discussion came on the heels of the House GOP releasing its report on Benghazi, which was praised by the panel as “fair-minded” and “independent.”

Brzezinski said of Clinton’s handling of the terrorist attacks, “I feel like we lost an ambassador, we lost precious lives. Maybe that should have been the first thing that she said. “

THANKS, OBAMA! State officials concealing number of "refugees" with contagious TB

By Bruce Parker

Epidemiologists at the Vermont Department of Health are concealing the number of refugees with contagious active tuberculosis nearly a month after Watchdog reported that more than one-third of Vermont’s resettled refugees test positive for TB.

Earlier this month, Watchdog revealed that 35 percent of Vermont’s incoming refugees in the past four years tested positive for tuberculosis. How many of those cases are contagious and symptomatic, however, remains a secret, as state epidemiologists and top officials at the Health Department have spent weeks blocking efforts to obtain the data.


By Donald Trump

We are thirty miles from Steel City. Pittsburgh played a central role in building our nation.

The legacy of Pennsylvania steelworkers lives in the bridges, railways and skyscrapers that make up our great American landscape.

But our workers' loyalty was repaid with betrayal.

Our politicians have aggressively pursued a policy of globalization - moving our jobs, our wealth and our factories to Mexico and overseas.

Globalization has made the financial elite who donate to politicians very wealthy. But it has left millions of our workers with nothing but poverty and heartache.

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Image: Istanbul Terror Attack
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QOTD: "Globalization has made the financial elite who donate to politicians very wealthy. But it has left millions of our workers with nothing but poverty and heartache. When subsidized foreign steel is dumped into our markets, threatening our factories, the politicians do nothing. For years, they watched on the sidelines as our jobs vanished and our communities were plunged into depression-level unemployment...

...Many Pennsylvania towns once thriving and humming are now in a state despair. This wave of globalization has wiped out our middle class. It doesn't have to be this way. We can turn it all around - and we can turn it around fast. But if we're going to deliver real change, we're going to have to reject the campaign of fear and intimidation being pushed by powerful corporations, media elites, and political dynasties. The people who rigged the system for their benefit will do anything - and say anything - to keep things exactly as they are. The people who rigged the system are supporting Hillary Clinton because they know as long as she is in charge nothing will ever change..." --Donald J. Trump